about us

What is Banach Group?

We are a startup focused on participating in the process of: developing blockchain technology, introducing new solutions and providing consulting assistance related to it.

Our mission

Banach Group's mission is to develop the blockchain ecosystem in Poland and build a business based on one stable global chain.

Goals for the first 12 months:

  • Establish the first decentralized cryptocurrency exchange based on Non-Custodial wallets technology (Ongoing)
  • Provide non-financial and financial tokenization services for business
  • Creating the first regulated P2P markets in Poland (ArtSwap, BeatSwap)

Our plans for the future:

  • Implementing modern technologies based on blockchain technology
  • Showing users the positive aspects of using cryptocurrencies in the financial world of the future
  • Providing users with comprehensive financial tools and programs
  • Promoting equal access to technology
  • Introducing a series of services based on cryptocurrencies


  • Registered address: Wilczak 12F/48
  • Email address: office@banachgroup.com